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The first thing to say about Fr Jesse is that all members of the selection committee were impressed by his preaching style, presenting a strong message based on the Gospel reading of the day. He is a young man and while he may have limited experience, he displays a high level of confidence, ability and maturity. In conversation he is warm, approachable and has a good sense of humour.

During the focus group meetings, held by the selection committee, many of our congregation expressed the hope that our new incumbent would have the ability to attract young people into the church and increase our visibility in the community. Fr Jesse has, at his current church, developed partnerships with a number of local community groups such as Scouts and Guides resulting in a significant increase in the church youth group. He has also partnered with a local group called “The Hub” which sounds a bit like our “Green Wood Coalition” but specifically targeting new immigrants and those on social assistance.

These are words from our new incumbent, “My calling as a priest is to proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Jesus Christ and to enable others to do the same. Good preaching, steadfast pastoral ministry and a strong liturgical understanding form the bedrock of my priestly ministry. I am called to missional leadership; emphasizing the call that God places on the lives of individual Christians to carry their ministries out into the world. I always seek opportunities to enable and encourage meaningful lay ministry.”

Fr Jesse also makes it clear that he expects to generate, “collaboration between priest and people, between church and the wider community.” He displays a feeling for social justice and a desire to engage with the wider community in which he serves; youth ministry is an important and energizing part of his vocation.

Fr Jesse includes in his resume some personal interests of him and his wife Leanne which are cycling, cooking and boating. He plays guitar and drums and has a good singing voice claiming the distinction of touring Canada and the USA with rock and blues bands.

The Parish Selection Committee is confident that God has led Fr Jesse to St John’s and that we can look forward to leadership which will be both challenging and satisfying.

Thanks be to God!


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