St. John's Anglican Church, Port Hope
The Steeple - before

The Steeple - after

With the repair work having been completed in January of 2012, the focus of the project turned to the payment of the final invoices from the project manager, design engineer and contractor. A loan in the amount of $105,000 was obtained and all invoices were paid in full.

Total cost of the project was approximately $385,000 including the HST rebate and the credit for the scrap copper. The project was paid for in part by donations, memorial donations and profits from fundraisers that totalled an amazing $115,000 - thank you so much. The balance has been funded by a grant of $25,000 from the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario and by cashing in investments.

It is planned to have the loan paid off in the third quarter of this year once the second HST rebate is received. Some fundraisers are on-going or are being planned in order to help replenish our financial assets. If you would like to make a donation, it would be much appreciated. Cheques can be made payable to St. John’s Anglican Church – Save Our Steeple.

Dedication: May 13, 2012

The new cross on the steeple was dedicated as St. John’s Memorial Cross on Sunday, May 13. Names of the deceased in whose memory memorial donations were made will be recorded on a plaque. General benefactors were also thanked that day and the names of all who have given to the steeple project will be recorded in a special Steeple Benefactors Book that will be on display.

St. John’s Memorial Cross is Given to the Glory of God & in Loving Memory of

David Frederick Austin

Catherine M. Battersby

James Paul Battersby

Kenneth W. Battersby

Larry Edward Battersby

S.J. Gordon Battersby

Ronald James Battersby

Stanley J. Battersby

Bonnie Bisset

Keith Bisset

William Bisset

David John Bradshaw

Mary Lou Buksa

William & Marion Burgess

David R. Butler

Cora Carr

Edmund Cohu

Jim Collins

Edith M. Davies

Gordon S. Davies

Robert C. Donnelly

Brenda K. Fenton

Cecil & Georgina Fenton

Mr. & Mrs. Garwood Fenton Sr.

Kara Jane Fenton

Frank & Ada Ferguson

Frank McQuigge (Mac) Fisher

Pamela Forward

Samual C. Foster

Herbert & Hilda Freeman

Boyd & Grace Heaven

Christopher Hedley


John Gordon Highfield

Madeline Elizabeth Highfield

W.H.P. & Grace Jarvis

Cristy Johnson-Solarski

David Kelly

A.Marie Kyle

Bill & Mary Lawrence

Ken Lees & Family

The Ling Family

Clara Looye (nee Toet)

Joan & Ewart Marston

Charles & Evelyn McCaw

Carol Anne McNamara William
& Mary Meldrum

Winifred Meldrum

Arthur E. Noseworthy

John Henry Pope

The Rt. Rev. Allan A. Read

Beverly Read

Alma E. Richards

Dr. Ross Freeman Richardson

Alvina Jane Rowe

Robert (Bob) Sculthorpe

Francis C. Sexsmith

Ted & Roxy Sheard

Edna & Bill Silver

Eva & Vivan Silver

Dorothy Strong

Norman Strong

William E. Tranmer

Jean Vincent

Margaret Walker

Charles Devear Wallace

Look for our “Pennies from Heaven” buckets for the Save our Steeple Fund.

We are collecting pennies to help to pay for our steeple . Round up all of those loose pennies you have lying around and place them in the marked buckets. Every penny helps!


In April 2011, several pieces of copper capping on the steeple became loose during strong winds and some of the pieces eventually fell to the ground. An inspection later determined that the lower end of four of the eight steeple rafters, and the sill beam to which they are connected, had deteriorated due to rot. An assessment by a structural engineer determined that there was no immediate danger of the steeple falling over. However, it was recommended that repairs be undertaken promptly. On June 5, 2011 a Vestry meeting was held to consider removal or repair of the steeple. It was decided to repair the steeple and Diocesan Council gave its approval to proceed based on the results of the vote at the vestry meeting and the proposed method of financing.


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