Members of St John’s can order polo tops, sweat shirts, and “hoodies” with the parish’s logo embroidered on the front. You can wear the parish logo with pride, and increase awareness of St John’s in the community.

Simply click on the link below and print the order form – one order form for each top you want. Select the type of top you wish to order, circle the size, and circle the colour you want. Make a cheque out to St John’s Port Hope (prices on the form), attach it to the form and drop it off at the church office or place it on the collection plate during services. There is a minimum order, so the church office will hold your order until the minimum is reached, then send it into the manufacturer. It takes the manufacturer 4 weeks to deliver the tops to the church office. Our Parish Administrator will then contact you when they arrive and you can pick them up at the office.  

Logoware Order Form

If you want to see what the tops look like, use the following links:


For polo tops: 


For sweat shirts:


For “hoodies”:


When you get to the website, scroll through the colour options to see what the top will look like for the colour you want. Please note that we cannot embroider the St John’s logo on blue or green tops, or the logo will disappear. So please stick with the colour options printed on the order form.